I am happy to work with customers to create new and exciting things. Let me know if you have a special request or an allergy that needs to worked around. I am excited to meet your needs and help you find a remedy or product that is safe as well as effective!

Payment Policy

I accept PayPal and Credit Cards.

Shipping Policy

All items are made at time of order to ensure the best quality possible when you receive them. Because of this, it may take a few days before your item is ready for shipment. I also pay attention to weather reports so your item is not stuck in a blizzard or heat wave. Shipping charges are exactly what it costs to send your item. I do not like charging shipping any more than you like paying for it. In this fast paced, Amazon prime ruled world, we find it hard to pay to ship things. Sadly, it is a necessary evil to get your product to your door step.

Refund & Exchange Policy

If you are unhappy with your purchase, please let me know so we can work out an exchange or a refund. If the reason for your return is unrealistic, we may have to meet in the middle, but I will always try to make your experience positive.

Other Policies

All products are made right here in the United States! I purchase all items here and make them all myself. I use All Natural ingredients, so there is a possibility that each order may be different. It's up to the bees, coconuts, and oils to tell me what color or texture each order has, but that's nature folks.

Contact Information

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