All Natural Deodorant that really works!
All Natural Deodorant that has passed the test and really works! I have tried natural deodorants for years and have never felt as secure as I do when using this one! Simple ingredients and made in small batches makes for a great product that you can feel safe using. No nasty chemicals, aluminum, or perfumes that just mask your body odor. No pore clogging additives that keep you from sweating like used in antiperspirants. Organic Ingredients include; Cocoa Butter, Beeswax, Coconut Oil, Baking Powder, Arrowroot, Vitamin E, Bentonite & Kaolin clays, and Essential Oil of your choice. No Shea butter is used in this product for those with allergies to latex and latex family. If an ingredient is of concern, please let me know and I can craft something for you specifically. Due to oil content in natural deodorants, it is wise to apply a few minutes prior to getting dressed to provide optimal absorption. Only a few swipes is needed of this wonderful product, so go easy until you find out how much your body needs. Please check out our other items for combined shipping.