Oregon Series, Part 1: “Beertopia.” Set of two 3.5 oz handmade soy wax candles
For the longest time, I’ve been wanting to do a series of candles about what Oregonians do best, and get most excited about. Obviously, beer is at the top of that list! I recently sold my candles at a huge local Lager Fest, and that was apparently just the motivation I needed to finally produce my Oregonian “Beertopia” series! They sold well at the Lager Fest, but I had some left over, so I thought I’d share them online. The scent is a mild citrus-y bergamot, like a good India Pale Ale. Yes, I know it was a Lager Fest, but I had very little lead time on these and couldn’t experiment with new fragrances! :) I was really happy with the delicate, celadon bottle green color I mixed for the little beers. Why the green heart? It’s part of our local culture. Oregonians don’t just <3 things, they “green <3” them. The green speaks to our love of our natural environment, our great outdoors. It also speaks to our obsession with caring for the environment, and sustainable lifestyles. We like to think it’s a higher form of love. More than anything else, we “green <3” Oregon! Now you can have a little slice of “cascadia” for your very own! Treat yourself to this adorable set of limited first edition Oregon candles today! I use a unique multiple-pour technique to create candles with slightly raised figures on top. My candles are hand-poured in small batches with lots of love. They are also outrageously cute! Small variances in color, shape, size and texture are normal. FREE U.S. SHIPPING!