Sunshine and Shades (Sassy Lady Shades)
This series of candles is meant to evoke lazy summer days of lounging around in the sun. This set of two 3.5 oz soy candles is moderately scented with a fragrance that reminds me exactly of what the beaches in Jamaica smell like. Each candle measures approximately 1.75” tall and 2” in diameter. One candle has a bold yellow sunshine, and the other features adorable, slanty-eyed feminine sunglasses. Both are set into a sky-blue base color. I use a unique multiple-pour technique to make candles with slightly raised figures on top. Environmentally-friendly materials and packaging. My candles are hand-poured in small batches with lots of love. They are also outrageously cute! Small variances in color, shape, texture and size are normal. FREE SHIPPING!