Citronella Cube: Tidepool Theme
I usually make citronella buckets each summer, but this year I couldn’t find buckets I liked, so I went with glass cubes. I think I might like these better than the buckets! Citronella is made from lemongrass, and it is excellent for keeping the mosquitoes at bay at your cookout or pool party. This design features a fish and a starfish on a pale blue-green base, for a fun beach theme. There is a light yellow, scallop-edged ribbon accent. Each cube is a 12 oz container measuring 3.5” on each side. WARNING: These candles have a high scent-load! They need to be much more strongly scented than I usually make, in order to be effective as mosquito repellant. Environmentally-friendly materials and packaging. My candles are hand-poured in small batches with lots of love. They are also outrageously cute! Small variances in color, shape, texture and size are normal. FREE SHIPPING!