8 oz. Green and white striped Spring container candle with moderate bergamot scent
These are moderately scented with a citrusy bergamot fragrance--one of my favorite scents. Each candle is approximately 2 1/4” by 5 1/4”. They are hand-poured into clean, re-purposed glass jars. The lids sport rainbow Molten Color Studio branding, and a sweet white ribbon trim. The stripes take a long time to do because you have to wait for each color layer to completely cool and solidify before pouring the next layer, but I think it’s worth it! The stripes are so cute and fun. I am a huge fan of “naked wax,” so container candles are a rarity for me. Get one (or more) of this limited-edition series for your very own! My candles are hand-poured in small batches with lots of love. They are also outrageously cute! Small variances in color, shape, texture and size are normal. FREE SHIPPING!