Heavens Door Choker Pendant One Of A Kind
I really love rough, rustic, shabby imperfect things. I love texture . . . so I created this pendant on a 1"X 1-1/2" piece of wood. I painted it silver and turquoise then added a thick gel medium mixed with silver acrylic to look like a raw piece of silver. I added glass beads of white and turquoise along side of golden metal beads and a section of a sterling silver ring that has been clipped and flattened, then topped it off with several coats of polyurethane for protection and added shine. It looked like an ancient door to me and the colors made me think of heaven with it's streets made of gold. This is One-Of-A-Kind The choker has lots of glass seed beads, copper wiring, gold toned beads, silver toned beads and natural turquoise beads as well as vintage white faceted glass beads! An eclectic dream to adorn your neck!!! Very comfy, very eye catching. It would look great with a simple t-shirt or a summer night out on the town! Enjoy.