Mizz Lil Crafty Fox

Living life in creativity and the world you imagine

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Elkton, VA
Owned By
Heather Munzner
Store Details
Hello and welcome! My name is Heather and I am the shop owner of Mizz Lil Crafty Fox. I took up crafting about a year ago. My choice of craft? Polymer clay! I have been a long time amateur fantasy illustrator, but decided I wanted to bring my world of imagination to life. I have been passionate about art since I could hold a pencil and I want to share my passion with others. My miniature creations are focused around nature, a simple life, with hint of desire for adventure. Every miniature decoration, knickknack, trinket, charm, keychain, and ornament are carefully handcrafted , baked, and sometimes glazed. My creations each have their own personality and life likeness to them. My hope is they bring you some sort of comfort in your daily endeavors in the years to come. I thank you kindly for stopping in my shop, and if you are reading this, thank you for taking the time. May your life be filled with wonders to behold and you accomplish whatever it is you are seeking. Take care!