Woman's X-Treme Comfort Shaving Oil MIRACLE SHAVE
At Last,women have the power to choose an option to harmful,irritating chemicals and dehydrating soaps.Miracle Shave X-Treme Comfort Shaving Oil makes your razor glide in a smooth motion while shielding your skin from razor burn and nicks.100% natural essential oils,with Camellia Seed Oil from the orient,softens,soothes,and hydrates your skin,eliminating your need to apply a moisturizer. Roller Applicator make shaving a breeze.Slightly wet skin with warm water(or use waterless)and roll on oil.Do not over apply,a small amount goes a long way.Then shave as normal.Keep one for travel and shave on the go. INGREDIENTS:Cold-Pressed Camellia Seed Oil,Sencha Green Tea,Vitamins A,D & E,Essental Oils of Geranium,Peppermint and Tea Tree Oil.