Minerva's Trove

Handmade Californian Boho Accessories and Couture

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Napa, CA
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Minerva's Trove
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Based out in Northern California, everything is handmade or up-cycled vintage clothing with our own twist on it. We are a small business and are two friends who love to create new things that everyone can enjoy. The owners of this shop have been friends for years and decided that one day they should start selling all the items they have been making just for fun. Working similar jobs, both have combined knowledge on how to work in retail and are currently still learning how to start up a small business. -We hope that you enjoy our products! For any inquiries please feel free to email the shop at Minervastrove.connect@gmail.com Follow us on instagram: @Minervas_Trove_ Thanks for the all the support! xoxo