Mi Lossolleff

Located In
Richmond Heights, OH
Owned By
Blossom Barden
Store Details
***Profits from sales all go to fund Wildwood Community School in Northeast Ohio.*** (http://wildwoodcs.org) Our small shop started long before it landed on anywhere online. It is based on ideas and creativity, as well as quality. It has been said that if people made things solely for themselves, the quality would be quite low. When individuals create for others, the quality increases because it is natural to want people to like what has been created. We are all more critical of something we did not make. Our shop opened under the name Lossolleff Co in 2010. The purpose was to give a creative outlet to our two kids, and a way to earn money. We started with hand stitched felt 'cases'. We also had journals that featured personal artwork. These were bound by a third party but the artwork was original. More recently we changed the name to Mi Lossolleff to signify that this small shop is a family effort. The name is a combination of letters from the names of the members of our small family. A renewed effort has been made to offer creative and quality items, many very original. We have many ideas but not all make it to the shop. Some things that are in the works include stationery sets, original artwork of differing styles in various formats (on handmade journals, notecards and sets, prints and editions), downloadable templates for kids' games (some will include the rules for tried-and-tested games, others will be for kids to create their own rules), sewn items (such as cat toys, accessory bags, doll clothes and others), jewelry, home items (napkins, coasters, pillow cases) and many other things. While we do believe that when we make things for others the quality is higher, we don't create strictly to please others. Many of the items in our shop are from our own ideas that we *hope* others will appreciate. Therefore we offer creative and quality items.
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