Natural Soaps ~ Honey & Olive Oil Soaps with Bath Pouf & Gift Box
This beautiful arrangement of handmade all natural body and bath care soaps are individually packaged resting on a woven pink mesh doily and white tissue and placed in a round gift box, than hand tied with a yellow cord bow. This is then placed in clear packaging with a handmade Soap information card and To:, From: Card. Your are getting: Two, Honey & Olive Oil Soaps, 5-6 oz. ea. Saponified Oils:Vegetable Glycerin, Honey, Olive oil, essential fragrance oils, cosmetic glitter, skin safe colorant. One, Face cloth of soft micro fiber. One, Bath Pouf. One, Gift Box with yellow cord hand tie bow, reusable gift box and cord tie /(color may vary), clear packaging, handmade Soap information card, and To:, From: Card. Your package will be placed securely in a shipping box filled with packaging materials and marked fragile.