Cheetah Pleated  Fabric Handbag
A Cheetah fabric handbag for the "wild" animal in you. The handles are reinforced with nylon strapping. I absolutely love this handbag and have several of them for my own personal use. It is so easy to use and carry. It features two separate outer pockets in place of the usual inside pockets making them easily accessible. I no longer have to desperately search for my cell phone when it rings! The zipper is recessed down about 1” from the top of the bag. When unzipped, each side pops up against the side of the handbag greatly minimizing the user’s chance of getting scratched or snagged when reaching in. I have never had a problem with either. The specifications for this handbag are listed below. Dimensions: Inside at Opening: 12", Outside at Widest: 15", Handle Height: 11", Overall Height 22" Pockets: Front Outside Number : 2 (deep); Latch: Zipper; Batting: Low Loft Polyester; Backing: Cotton