Heart Necklace  Clockwork Gears  Steampunk Black Gray and Silver Heart Pendant - REVERSIBLE
Two handmade tiles are welded together with grout to form this adorable Clockwork Heart! It's REVERSIBLE so you get two looks in one fabulous piece... the Perfect gift for the woman who loves eclectic pieces or Steampunk inspired jewelry! This necklace has a 24" brass open linked necklace. You won't find jewelry like ours anywhere else in the world! When you buy any of the products offered here, you have my guarantee that you’re getting a totally handmade, one-of-a-kind piece made with the greatest attention to detail and of superior quality! Our style here at Miche Mozaix is totally different from 'traditional' mosaics and our tiles are NEVER broken. Every piece we make begins as soft clay which is then cut to fit our original designs. Glazes are then added and the pieces are fired. Finally, we connect the bits and pieces with grout to make a necklace or a mirror, or a pair of earrings or a fountain or WHATEVER !! This process allows us to get a variety of really cool shapes, textures, etc. and we love the chance to share all of our creations with YOU!