Heartbeat Earrings - Mosaic Tile - EKG - Interchangeable - Reversible
Miche Mozaix makes jewelry like none you'll find anywhere else in the world! We start with fresh clay and shape bits and pieces by hand to fit our designs. Then we add glazes and fire our small bits of tile. We then grout them together to form beautiful works of jewelry artistry! Best of all, our pieces are REVERSIBLE... it's like getting two pairs of earrings in one! These 'Beating Heart' earrings offer a classic style that will compliment just about any outfit in your wardrobe! You'll probably have a favorite side, but I like to wear them mis-matched and get onlookers to do a double-take! Extremely lightweight and fun to wear! (Our mosaic tiles are all made from clay that has been modified with additives to make them SUPER LIGHTWEIGHT! You'll be surprised at how light and comfortable they are while making a bold fashion statement!) LIKE IT?? Please Pin It, Tweet It, Share It in any way you can... THANKS!!