Mia Yoshihara

paper cut fine art and paper crafts

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Kenmore, WA
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Mia Yoshihara-Bradshaw
Store Details
Mia Yoshihara Bradshaw is a native of Seattle, born to a Japanese-American mother and French/German-American Father. She is both a craftsman and artist, utilizing a unique self-taught paper cutting technique combining aspects of traditional Japanese Kiri-e, silhouettes, and mixed-media collage. Mia studied graphic design and print at Western Washington University, and quickly fell in love with the colors, textures, and simplicity of paper. She soon began working almost exclusively with paper cutting, and her focus evolved to utilize the vibrance and uniqueness of japanese washi paper (chiyogami) and ribbon. Similar to Kiri-e, her process involves meticulous attention to detail using a razor to cut silouettes which are brought to life utilizing a collage technique which embues her work with unique combination of patterns, colors, and texture. In between fine art pieces, she relaxes by creating stationary and original japanese-themed cards with the same rich materials utilized for her art pieces.