White Flower Brooch, Gramophone Silhouette Handmade Acrylic
Inspired on the old gramophone that used to serve as a compact disc player, I designed a gramophone flower silhouette brooch. These laser cut Brooch comes in a fashionable package designed to create a new way of keeping your jewelry safe and organized, or just for a perfect gift. A perfectly stylish finishing touch for any outfit! Please be kind and take care with love: http://www.miaview.com/product-care.html Perspex can be scratched easily, be careful. While not in use, keep them in their original package and clean it with microfiber cloth. Product details Materials: 1/8" White Acrylic with handmade painting finishes Package size: 2.5''x2.5''x1'' Brooch size: 2''x2''