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This cute plush is a handmade fox designed and sewed by me. The Fox wants to sleep all day, would you go with him? Multiple uses: For decoration purposes, he is really quiet! For hugging it all day, he is really cute! As a small pillow, he is really comfy! Materials: Eco Canvas: 100% polyester canvas with 45% recycled content, cased with Poly-fil stuffing. Produced in the U.S. Thread count: 32 x 88. This fabric features bold and vivid colors that hold up great to multiple washings. Designed and sewed by me. Care Instructions Wash alone in cool or warm water using a gentle cycle and detergent. dry using a low temperature setting. If required, use an iron with a light touch on a synthetic setting only. Higher temperatures could result in melting of fabric. Size: 12 inches (30cm)