Let the design captivate you

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Mountain View, CA
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Maria Adrover
Store Details
My name is Maria Ines Adrover (M.I.A.), but everybody calls me Nennie. I am a fashion designer in California since 2011. Since then, I have had the idea of doing something related to jewelry, but it was not until 2014 when MiaView was born. All the process of creation, elaboration, design, material selection and even the final packaging is entirely done by MiaView. ‚ÄčInspired from many places, things, drawings, paintings, I take common elements from their comfort zone and place them in a newly different dimension. I want to give a touch to the outfit, mark the difference, create color without using it. And go beyond. I am surrounded by technology, we are all surrounded by technology, technology is in the air. I want to combine the structure of the technology, represented with the laser cut of our products, with the volatility of the art, the draw, the touch that comes from the hand. That is MiaView. Form and counterform. Let the design captivate you.