Crayon Holder - ColorBlast 64 crayon heads up display, Kids Desk, 3D Printed Crayon Organizer
Never let your little one go searching for the right crayon again. The ColorBlast keeps all 64 crayons held upright and easy to see so they can find that 'Screamin' Green' when the time is right. FREE SHIPPING TO ANYWHERE IN THE USA! The Colorblast solves a real-world problem that my daughter had: trying to find certain colors from her zipper pouch was quite difficult. She would end up pouring them out on the table just to find one color and that means I would have to pick them all up later. And then they end up clogging the vacuum if I miss a few :P I came up with this idea to outmoded the standard box or crayon zip pouch by making it really easy to see all the colors at once. An additional benefit is that you can tip the holder more than 45 degrees and no crayons fall out! This means she can move it around the house without leaving a trail. My wife was surprised to know that it actually holds 64 crayons. The way they are fanned out in an 8 by 8 grid keeps the form factor pretty compact. It leaves lots of room on your child's art table for other things. I designed this crayon holder in Maya (the same software used to make 3d animated movies) and will be 3d Printing them in ABS plastic (same material as LEGO), made to order from my home. Spin this model around in 3d at