3D Printed Prism Planter, Square Flower Pot, Geometric Terrarium, Succulent Planter, Geodesic Container, Math Art, Polyhedra
I designed this geometric planter to go along with my most popular etsy item, the Dodecahedron Planter. It features a similar style and also protects growing plants from curious cats. The square bars on top can also act as a simple lattice / support for stems and leaves to grow upon. FREE SHIPPING TO ANYWHERE IN THE USA! Please note this listing is for the planter only, you get to supply your own plant. 3.75 x 3.75 x 2.75 inches. 99 x 99 x 70 mm. My primary goal and motivation is the spreading of true abundance, our consciousness and capacity to live fully. See, at the core of modern design is a re-routing of the resources away from excess and waste and into efficiency, playfulness, sustainability and curiosity. It's about staying fresh and keeping a clear and open mind.