3D Printed Dodecahedron Planter, Geometric Terrarium , Cactus Planter, Cactus Flower Guard, Geodesic Container, Math Art, Polyhedra
I designed this planter to keep my cat from knocking over a young cactus cutting I was trying to root. 1 month after securing it in the GeoGuard planter, it has finished rooting and started to grow really fast. The bars simply keep the cat from snagging it. FREE SHIPPING TO ANYWHERE IN THE USA! Please note this listing is for the planter only, you get to supply your own plant. 107 mm tall (4.25 inches) My primary goal and motivation is the spreading of true abundance, our consciousness and capacity to live fully. See, at the core of modern design is a re-routing of the resources away from excess and waste and into efficiency, playfulness, sustainability and curiosity. It's about staying fresh and keeping a clear and open mind.