3D Printed Ultra-modern Gifts for Home and Office

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Howell, MI
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Noah Hornberger
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Progressive design for a new world with interesting twists on classic ideas. I love making fun, surreal, abstract, and modern-inspired planters. I design everything myself and encode it with my own lighthearted outlook. Life is meant to be consciously enjoyed and lived to the fullest. My shop is an expression of that! I strive for absolute quality and greatness of design. Have an idea or want a customization . . . just ask! I make designed objects that are inspired by the structures of life itself. Why do we exist? And by what means? And how do we experience ourselves? It's geometric & abstract balanced with a tasteful practical side. Thanks for browsing . . .bookmark, share with your friends, and come back soon. I really hope to impress you enough to buy a new gift for someone special in your life. New items added weekly!