OOAK Polymer Clay Art Figure Doll Model Forest Witch Edwina mixed media sculpture
Forest Witch Edwina has spent her entire life among the creatures of the forest, living off the land and building a relationship with all things in nature. She is as much a part of the forest as the trees and woodland animals. Hoot, her faithful owl companion, comes and goes as he pleases, bringing treasures he finds that may aid in Edwina's spells and concoctions. She keeps his gifts and other her foraging finds in her cross-over tote. Its currently filled with a discarded nut shell, a bundle or twisty sticks, and a strip of seeds (all authentic, gathered in my woods). Edwina is one of a kind, sculpted by hand from polymer clay. She stands about 7 inches tall and her weighted base is roughly 5" X 4". Her walking stick is made from a real stick, preserved in an epoxy resin coating. Her "lantern" is a beechnut shell coated in epoxy resin and an epoxy resin bulb. Her dreadlocked hair is made of wool. You will find a few dried grass fibers stuck in from her years of wandering the forest. Her crown is a polymer clay base, wrapped in dried grass fibers with real, tiny twig pieces and a few tiny dried, curly roots. Hoot the owl it needle-felted wool. Edwina wears brown, cotton-blend pants, a forest green, polyester blend robe, and a charcoal grey, hooded cloak. Her necklace is another, tiny, neglected seed pod, coated in resin, strung onto a double thread. Authentic, country mud dirties her bare feet. Her base is made of rocks (for weight) covers with aluminum foil and coated in polymer clay then covers in craft moss with a few tiny art stones. A white, silk flower adds a tiny bit of unexpected beauty.