Meghan and Julie by Lolibears Cottage

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Lisa Reid
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Welcome to Meghan & Julie (so excited!!) the newest to addition to the Lolibears Cottage family. What would it be like accessorizing a \'cubette\' as my mom did for me so impeccably? Meghan & Julie began to pay homage to my mom \"Julie\" (Julietta) and also the name my husband and I chose 11 years ago when we found out we were expecting our first child, \"Meghan\".. Well, baby Meghan ended up being a handsome Dylan :-) My desire to create adorable and unique hair accessories for babies and girls has brought me great joy. Every piece is hand rolled, cut and glued by me and created with love as if for my own. But wait.. here is what makes Meghan & Julie extra unique...they are SCENTED! With fragrances like \'Grapefruit Blush\'... \'Baby Powder\'... \'Coconut\' and many more, my hope is that Meghan & Julie hair candy will bring as much smiles and joy to you and your little one as it brings to me creating them.