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Pretty tropical pineapple envelopes with protective plastic cover. Use them for organizing, a cash envelope system or in the ministry. Give a tip to a server or hotel maid or housekeeper in these pretty pineapple envelopes made square or rectangle or triangle in a variety of sizes. This Set of 6 measures: 3 x 7 inches rectangle, 4 x 4 square, 3 x 3 triangle or 2 x 2 square tip all hand sewn and double stitched at both ends so they will last forever if you treat them right. Escape to a tropical island with these pretty flamingo money envelopes. Use the drop down menu to make your size selection. Can be used for a budget organizer and the Dave Ramsey type system. Options: With or without holes for a binder. With or without plastic cover to protect against moisture spills. See drop down menu at check-out to make your selection. Here is a fun fact to help you make a wise choice to start your journey to being debt-free today and not tomorrow. Fun Fact: Studies show that people who follow a budget and control their spending are happier and less stressed. If you are ready to become the master of your money and not the slave then click the green "Add to Cart" button on the right >>>> and become your own super hero just without the tights, please. Ships within 1 to 2 business days after you place your order. Don't put off til tomorrow what you can do today! I've already paid off 2 credit cards using this system. I am so proud of myself for being an adult about my spending habits.