The Clouded Loki GLOW Kracken Collectible Wearable  Boro Glass Octopus Necklace / Sculpture Made to Order
This is a great new addition to our Kracken group.....GLOW! You don't even need black light, this one will glow for hours after charging under regular light. Hard to photograph the glow, but the picture shown glowing as after 20 seconds under a black light to charge it. In the meantime, you have all the beautiful colors of Loki's Fire...the blues, peach, purple and yellow amber with that dark sparkle. Still approx 2.25" across, formed in the torch and properly annealed in a digital kiln for durability, this one arrives safely wrapped attached to an antique bronze 27" cut-able mini ball chain. Handmade glass eye chip gives him such realistic eyes, you might want to keep him on his rope, just in case! Really fun and safe to wear, for a truly dramatic look! Like any handmade item, there may be small differences in the actual item you receive. These are designed to look as good sitting on the shelf or in the fish tank as they look around your neck! #OCTOClouded LokiGLOW731