The Pink Slyme UV  Kracken Collectible Wearable Boro Glass Octopus Necklace / Sculpture Made to Order
Another boro octopus glass necklace, this is the Pink Slyme UV Kracken. This one looks amazing at the club under UV but the subtle almost pink lace look of her hood make this a really pretty piece under natural light. A nice size at 2.25" long, formed in the torch using no molds and properly annealed in a digital kiln for durability, this one arrives safely wrapped and attached to a 24" silver filled mini ball chain necklace. Handmade UV glass eye chip gives her such realistic eyes, you might want to keep her on her rope, just in case! Really fun and safe to wear, for a truly dramatic look! Marked on the bottom with the Maker's Mark "M" while still molten. Signed and numbered. OctoPinkSlymeUV1070