Mama Cassi's Handmade Doll Delights

Your doll's personal couturier.

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Buford, GA
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Rebecca Freeman
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I'm new to online selling, but have been sewing since I was 6 or so. I started making doll clothes for my niece, and quickly had friends of my sister asking for things for their kids. I like to think that I have a special talent for style and color, and I'm sewing everything by hand (no machine) for quality and better construction - I can make seams vanish and make things fit much better, just like a couturier can make an average dress something extraordinary. . All of my items are 100% hand sewn, using high quality fabrics, apparel quality fasteners and trims, and best quality threads, double strung and conditioned with Thread Heaven for durability, strength, and resistance to dry rot and mildew. I do occasionally use commercial patterns, but most of mine are either heavily adapted or made from scratch. I'm an improver - if I find a better way to do something, I'm going to use it. My goal is to make these things fit like they are real clothes - no choking necklines, no overly bulky arms and skirts, nothing that's doll like. I also am an artist, so I love to find amazing fabrics and find a use for them. If you have a custom order, something you'd like to match or replicate, I'm always looking to do so! Historical items are my favorites, so expect to see Antebellum, Colonial, prairie, and maybe even Celtic styles - watching Outlander may even inspire a few things! Come dream with me, and lets see what we come up with.
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