Three-Pea Sweet Pea Pea-in-a-pod style Pendant
The Mama B's Sweet Peas Three-Pea Sweet Pea Pendant is for those busy mamas who have the "hardest number" of kids -- THREE. She deserves this gift after a day in her life!! Also perfect to represent a family of three -- mama, daddy and a little one. Choose your colors! Handmade and personalized to order with: - Genuine Sterling Silver wire - 6mm Swarovski Crystal Pearls or 4mm Swarovski Crystal Pearls "Angel Peas" All of Mama B's Sweet Pea products are made with beautiful Swarovski Crystal Pearls. Unlike synthetic glass pearls, these pearls have a leaded crystal core that gives them a heavier feel and allows them to warm to your skin like natural pearls. The specialized coating gives them an exquisite sheen and luster with great durability, including resistance to perspiration, UV rays, perfumes and scratches. Great care has been given to choose components of the highest quality to create your Sweet Peas. I absolutely love these pearls, and I'm sure you will too! A note about ANGEL peas: Angel peas are smaller than the standard peas used to create Sweet Pea jewelry. They represent the ones we have lost - whether that be ones we never were able to hold, or the ones we were only able to hold for a short time. All pea colors are available in both standard and ANGEL sizes. Please use the buyer comments section to indicate what peas, if any, you want in ANGEL size.