Handmade Wooden Lobster Trap Coffee Table, White Finish! Free Shipping!
Captain Whit is a Maine lobsterman who has been building his own wooden lobster traps for 23 years. He enjoys building lobster trap replicas, lobster trap coffee tables and lobster trap bookshelves. This listing is for a 3' Wooden Lobster Trap Coffee Table Hand made in Maine! Trap is made to look RUSTIC AND AUTHENTIC. The measurements are 35 1/2" Long by 20 1/2" Wide by 15" High. We can custom build a table for you out of all types of wood. The costs will vary, please inquire and we will create a listing for you to purchase. Made out of pine with Magazine/Book rack in front of the trap. Beautiful pieces of art and Custom Made to order! They only take up to 30 days to build and then they are carefully packaged and shipped. This table is stained with a White Wash Finish and is beautiful! FREE SHIPPING! Shipping to Continental US ONLY! NO INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING! www.mainelobstertrap.com Captain Whit ***Non-Returnable****We Work hard to build a quality RUSTIC AND AUTHENTIC table for our customers and WE DO NOT ACCEPT RETURNS. We build tables and ship all around the United States and put a minimum of 10 hours of time in each table.