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****NEW for the Fall of 2016***** The Lake Greenwood Lobster Trap Coffee Table Captain Whit is a retired Maine lobsterman who has been building his own wooden lobster traps for 23 years. He enjoys building lobster trap replicas, lobster trap coffee tables and lobster trap displays for the museums. The measurements are 35 1/2" Long by 20 1/2" Wide by 16" High. This listing is for the NEW Lake Greenwood Lobster Trap Coffee Table, a 3' Wooden Lobster Trap Coffee Table Hand made in Maine out of Pine wood, stained or painted. Trap is made to look RUSTIC AND AUTHENTIC. The "Lake Greenwood" is our new design. Includes removable legs and plexiglass. Table is Polyurethand, or can be a color of your choosing, and it shows the beautiful grains of the wood. The top is made with three pieces of plexiglass with the wood separating them to match with the look of the table. The Plexiglass is easily removable for cleaning. The "Lobster head" (netting) is in the center of the table with two areas on either side to put your sea creatures, shells and nautical items inside or store your books and magazines. This new style table also includes new feet. The feet are made to look like a spool of line that is actually used when lobstermen are fishing with the traps. Legs are removable. Our tables are sought after all across the country from Washington State, to Florida.. We care about our customers and they receive a table that is custom built one piece at a time. Tables ship out approximately 30 days from date of purchase and payment. Feel free to contact us with any questions you have or help you need. We work diligently to exceed our customers expectations. Fair Weather, Cpt Whit and Valerie