Wood Portable Basic Ritual Altar In A Box Kit
This listing is for an awesome portable altar-in-a-box that I have created and put together with all the basic tools necessary to perform your rituals. Excellent for those who are always on the go and ideal for those who don't have enough space for an altar in their living space such as dorms, studios, small room, etc. This box is a perfect size to carry with you to work, pack in a traveling bag, put away in a drawer, and so on. Included in the box you will find your most basic ritual needs, plus more. You will receive: 1. Large handcrafted floral carved box (approx. 5 x 8) your choice of natural or hand painted. 2. Small brass burner (approx. 3" tall) 3. Wood handle 6" Athame, double edged stainless steel blade, brass trim, leather sheath included. 4. Soapstone pentagram tile, approx. 3" around 5. Chalice, approx. 4" tall, features engraved pentagram on the cup 6. Two 4" white candles. 7. One charcoal disk for your convenience 8. One 2x3 bag cleansing blend (sage, rosemary, cedar, lavender) 9. One 2x2 bag frankincense resins 10. Tools consecrating & blessing instructions