Crafted By American Hands

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North Arlington, NJ
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Toni Gamarro
Store Details
We started our shop on our kitchen table doing the crafts we enjoyed. Actually we were making handmade gifts for our family and friends and they suggested we try our hand in our own business. With my husband nearing retirement we thought it was a great idea since it is something we enjoy doing together. He's my idea man. He loves to search for things to do and then come to me with a design and see what I can come up with it. We make a good team trying out our new ideas and new ways of creating our handmade gifts. Also check us out on All crafts are done by us, as is, all of the artwork for the Tee Shirt designs, some of the photo images that are original designed, and all other photos are ours to use exclusively. We do not have enough space in our apartment to do the tee shirt printing which is why we send it out to a thrid party, however, as I have said the designs are still our own. We pride ourselves on our quality and are always willing to work with a customer on a design they are interested in. Customizing an item is no problem for us. Since our craft space is in our house it makes travel to and from the office very easy. We both tend to be a bit patriotic and enjoy doing gifts centered around the red, white, and blue but we also venture out into other genre's. We hope you enjoy our work and come back often to see what's new on the horizon.
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