Madfish Designs

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Springfield, MA
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Tara Quagliaroli
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My name is Tara and I\'ve always been an artsy kinda gal. As a kid, I was always painting, drawing, sculpting, and building things. My dad had kept a pile of scrap wood out back and I would scrounge up my tools and trot on out to it. With my trusty hammer, saw and whatever nails I could find, I\'d set out to build a (ahem) masterpiece - ok, so it was mainly an odd assortment of randomly nailed together chunks of wood, but to me, it was my life\'s work. These days I spend my time creating with some of my favorite media - wood and paint. Each one of my designs is conceived and created by me. I hand cut each piece, sand, paint and embellish them to order. I\'m continually experimenting with new techniques and styles so check back often or contact me directly if there is something special you are looking for. I\'d love to craft it just for you!