Rear View Mirror Jewelry
I have created and handcrafted jewelry for your car! On a pink colored ribbon, I have attached a faceted glass bead, smaller glass beads and a charm. It will fit over most rearview mirrors without having to untie it. The charm is a silver-tone Hummingbird. It is approximately 8 inches (20.32 cm) in length (does NOT include charm in measurement). The faceted glass bead 18 mm. The art of Feng Shui prescribes the use of faceted crystals, especially spheres, to facilitate the flow of positive energy. **Please check your local ordinances & laws pertaining to the display of decorative items from your rearview mirror in your vehicle!** --> If you're not comfortable hanging them on your rearview mirror, they are suncatchers, so they can be hung just about anywhere; a window in your home or your cabin or your RV or your travel trailer..or even in a different spot in your vehicle. Or, you can hang them as a decorative piece on your desk or on your bedside table.