Clover Fields Wrap in Ice Blue
Think of the minute detail of a tatted doily, and imagine that detail ( just a bit larger thread) in a full size wrap! That is what you have in the beauty of 'Ice Blue' color! Imagine wearing the Ice Blue wrap in the crispness of Autumn. Or brighten up a Winter outfit. The pastels of Spring will adore CloverField's Ice Blue. And this elegant wrap's light protection from Summer air conditioning will be greatly appreciated. So the CloverFields Ice Blue Wrap can be worn and adorned all year long! Material: Cotton crochet thread, size 10 Color: Ice Blue Size: 48" × 16" Time to Create: 48 hours Price: $480.00 ♡ Smoke Free! ♡ Pet Free! ♡ Dust Free! ♡ Hope You Like It! ♡