Lover's Knot Wrap in Light Orchid Purple
With a delicately light Orchid color, so is the feel of the gentle "weave" of the Lover's Knots around your shoulders! For the end of a warm summer day, as the sun melts away and the air is cool - wrap up and warm up! Especially as you match this light orchid color with the popular purples of the season! Perfect for a wedding assessory: the bride, bridesmaid, the mother of the bride or groom! All would enjoy! Material: Cotton Crochet Thread, size 10 Color: Light Orchid Size: 16" × 60" (approximately, stretchy!) Time to Create: 20 hours Price: $200.00 ♡ Smoke Free! ♡ Pet Free! ♡ Dust Free! ♡ ♡ Hope you like it! ♡