Lover's Knot Birdcage Veil  in Champagne, II
With birdcage netting uniquely handmade of Lover's Knots, this veiled bride will enhance the meaning of the, "three strand cord is not easily broken." (Sometimes referred to as Solomon's Knot.) Made in Champagne/Ecru tatting thread (size 80), a generous spread of Lover's Knot netting gathers together around a silk flower, which can be hairclipped wherever is best for the bride. Even though the flower is fastened securely to the netting, no permanent fixation was used, so the flower can be easily changed for another event! A haircomb can be easily inserted through the Lover’s Knots, if that is preferred. Materials: Cotton Crochet Tatting Thread, size 80; Silkflower hairclip; Haircomb (unattached) Size: Lover's Knot Netting is 6" × 18", gathered to form a Birdcage netting of 7" Time to Create: 3 hours Price: $30.00 ♡ Smoke Free ♡ Pet Free ♡ Dust Free ♡ ♡ Hope you like it! ♡