Lover's Knot Birdcage Veil in Creme de Menthe
Very nicely - This birdcage veil would finish off a bridesmaid/prom dress this spring or summer! Uniquely designed with Lover's Knots in lieu of the normal birdcage netting, the veil speaks of Solomon's "three strand cord (love) is not easily broken." Using ultra-fine tatting thread, the Lover's Knot is netted delicately. The small silk-like flower is attached securely with the classic hair clip, which you will attach to your hair as you like. Very simply remove this flower and wear another decoration - because no permanent glue was applied. Materials: Cotton Tatting Thread, size 80 Small Silk-like Flower, with hairclip Color: Creme de Menthe, (Light Mint) Size: Birdcage Veil piece is 5" × 15" Flower/Hairclip is 2" sq, 1 " high Time to Create: 2.5 hours Price: $25.00 Hope you like it! ♡ Smoke Free ♡ Dust Free ♡ Pet Free ♡