Lover's Knot Wedding Wrap in Porcelain White
Sometimes referred to the Solomon's Knot, the Lover's Knot count in this wrap is around 1400! With a loose 'weave' of the crochet hook, the wrap has an incredible delicate look and an airy feel. Without distracting from the beauty of the wedding dress, the wedding wrap will offer a bit warmth on a chilly day! Bridesmaids, Mothers-of-the-Brides and Mothers-of-the-Groom will also enjoy this wedding wrap! Forget the wedding day...anyone might enjoy this Porcelain White Lover's Knot Wrap! Material: Cotton Crochet Thread, size 10 Color: Porcelain White Size: 16" × 80" (approximately, stretchy! ) Time to Create: 20 hours Price: $200.00 ♡ Smoke Free ♡ Pet Free ♡ Dust Free ♡ ♡Hope you like it! ♡