Lover's Knot Wedding Wrap in Champagne Natural
Sometimes referred to as Solomon's Knot, this Lover's Knot Wrap in a Champagne color is the perfect light complement to your wedding dress! For the dreamy bride-to-be, imagine yourself "wrapped in 3800 Lover's Knots!" This crocheted lace also twists and wraps beautifully as a scarf to wear with your 'Get-Away' Outfit, after the wedding! (A bridesmaid or Mother-of-the-Bride/Groom would also suit up lovely in this lacey cover!) Material: Cotton Crochet Thread, size 10 Color: Natural (Champagne) Size: 18" × 80" (approximately) Time to Create: 20 Hours Price: $200.00 ♡ Smoke Free! ♡ Pet Free! ♡ Dust Free! ♡ ♡Hope you like it! ♡