I make many pieces that are one-offs. This is the nature of working with re-purposed and up-cycled materials. I believe this makes them each unique and beautiful. That said, I can quite likely make things very similar to one another. If you like a cuff in brown, chances are I can make you a black one, or perhaps you prefer a burnt umber to a chocolate. I also love making custom items, trying to create something from another person's imagination. My policies are generally simple; I hope you like what you see. After that, I hope you like the price. If we make it that far, I hope you enjoy whatever piece you purchase, but if not, I'll do my best to make it right. If something fails for any reason, such as a snap or a rivet, and you think it should have lasted longer, you're probably right. Let me know and we'll sort it out either in terms of repair, replacement, or refund. Repair is my first choice, so I can return to you an object that I hope you've begun to forge a relationship with that will outlast the hide is was cut from.

Payment Policy

Paypal is just great.

Shipping Policy

I generally go cheap and slow, but if you need it quick, just let me know and I'll get a price for you. I am happy to ship anywhere that postal services go, with space being the final frontier.

Refund & Exchange Policy

For jewelry, if something breaks with light use I am happy to refund or replace, but would prefer always to repair if possible. If something that is wearable doesn't fit right and you haven't motor oil all over it or some such thing, then let's get you one that does fit in exchange for yours. For something like a knife sheath that is meant for daily use for years, nothing should go wrong and I'll happily repair it into perpetuity or replace it. If you just don't like something...well, that might just be a difference in taste.

Other Policies

I hope to accurately present my work in photos and in descriptions. I will do my best to make colors look on screen like they do on my shop table and to ensure that sizes are accurate. But I reserve the right to end the business relationship I have with anyone should things become unreasonable. For instance, if you drop a new leather wallet in a salt lake, I won't throw another one at you. But you might just enjoy how it ages in the end. I also believe firmly in the beauty and purpose of objects made by human hands. There will be scratches, and scuffs, and funky colorations sometimes, and that is all part of the aesthetic.

Contact Information

Please don't hesitate to contact me at with any praise or problems.

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