Lucky U Leatherworks

making scraps shine

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Portland, OR
Owned By
Topher Sappington
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I believe that craft and art are close kin, and that function can be beautiful. My relationship with leather goods comes from use, and by using leather I have come to love it. An old axe cover, a worn holster, or a belt that tells a story that has been going on for years. These are the things that inspire me. And because I find so much quiet beauty in leather, I never let go of a scrap until it is well and truly exhausted. That is why I make it a point to produce most of my goods with what may be called, by others, "scraps." I prefer to think of them as pieces that are adrift, waiting for the right tools to give them new life as jewelry, as a sheath for that knife your grandfather gave you all those years ago, or as a fresh new wallet to accompany you for the next chapter of life. The same is true for the metal I use; a piece of old hot water pipe becomes a hammered plate, shining brightly and ready to be clasped by hand-peened rivets to a leather cuff, or to clink musically dangling from an earring. The off-cut of a new copper counter, glowing in the sawdust, becomes the perfect end piece for a new sheath and ages with the leather until both are richly patina-ed. Making scraps shine again, that is what this is all about.