Chick polka dot Banner - yellow grey - (4 characters and and 2 chicks)
Note* This listing is for 4 characters and 2 chicks. If the name you are wanting is more than 4 characters long please email me for a custom listing. Each character is $2.50. Thank you! This sweet chick polka dot themed banner is perfect for your child's birthday party or a baby shower. Each letter is made a little bit differently in shapes but they are each approximately 5" in size. The letters are all white. I used a ribbon to string the letters together and then tie a different color ribbon randomly throughout. You can customize the wording and colors on your banner to fit your party. Just email me the info and I will design yours accordingly. CUSTOM ORDERS Would you like to customize your banner? Contact me with your idea, theme, and colors and I will design a custom banner just for you on etsy. PRICING: If you create a custom design the cost is $2.50 per letter. That price includes the ribbon. Each character is approximately 5" wide. Some may be a little larger or smaller but are close. Please keep in mind that every design I do is a little different because I make them from scratch and want every piece I do to be individual. Please allow 1 week for your order to be made and shipped.