Three Sleeping Babies - Shades of pink and Mauve-Green Blanket
These cute little sleeping crocheted babies complete with sewn on pacifiers, each measure 4 1/2" and slip into their own little pocket in their blanket. The entire blanket of babies measures 4 1/2" x 8" and will provide hours of playful fun time. They are made of acrylic yarn stuffed with quality fiberfill and are completely child safe and have no small parts. Their eyes are embroidered on as are their crocheted pacifiers. These dolls can also be made individually without blanket for baby shower favors, decorations, gift toppers,diaper cake decorations or wishing well gifts. Contact me for more info at lovenstitches [!at] Free Gift... Please be responsible when purchasing this toy for a very young child. ----------- SAFETY ----------- Hand crocheted toy. No small or sharp parts. Check frequently for unusual wear and immediately remove from play if any is found to avoid injury. Repair or discard any damaged toys. If choosing for a younger child supervised play is recommend. Please use your own judgment when purchasing these for very small children.