The Sally -adjustable dog collar
  This fabric screamed at me that this girl named "Sally" I know would look so fabulous in this print! She is adventurous , gorgeous and wicked in love with her Mom ! She is the most amazing pup !  Welcome to Little Barks, where style meets safety! Introducing our stunning Blue Floral Retro inspired Dog Collar, the perfect accessory for any fashion-forward pup. Handcrafted with love and care in Columbia, South Carolina, this collar is a true masterpiece. At Little Barks, we believe in using only the best materials. This Floral Dog Collar is made with high-quality cotton fabrics, ensuring both style and durability. With an impressive 68 thread per inch, this collar is built to last. Our fabrics are carefully selected at local women owned quilt shops in South Carolina with a dog on my mind.  But it doesn't stop there. We go the extra mile to ensure your pup's safety. Our collars feature a side-release design with USA buckles and hardware.  Not only is our "Sally" Dog Collar stylish and secure, but it is also incredibly practical washable , comfortable and Eco friendly.  Measuring for the perfect fit is a breeze. Simply ensure the tape measure rests comfortably against your dog, neither too tight nor too loose. With a Little Barks Dog Collar, your pup will not only look chic but also feel comfortable and safe. Upgrade your pup's wardrobe today with our Handmade, Custom Dog Collar. Don't settle for anything less than the best. Choose Little Barks for a collar that's handcrafted with love and care, designed with your pup's safety in mind. Order now and see the difference for yourself. Your furry friend deserves the best, and we're here to provide it. Little Barks Boutique Dog Collar Sizing Chart * Small Collar * Size: Small * Adjustment Range: 8-12” * Description: Ideal for petite breeds, this collar offers a unique touch with the possibility of customization. * Medium Collar * Size: Medium * Adjustment Range: 11-16” * Description: Perfect for mid-sized pups, this collar captures the essence of canine style and ensures a comfy fit. * Large Collar * Size: Large * Adjustment Range: 14-23” * Description: Best suited for bigger breeds, its playful design complements the spirited nature of your pup. * Extra-Large Collar * Size: Extra-Large * Adjustment Range: 16-28” * Description: Exclusively tailored for the grandest canines, its vibrant shade underlines their regal demeanor. * XX-Large Collar * Size: XX-Large * Adjustment Range: 26"-30" * Description: For the mightiest among all, this collar combines masculine aesthetics with high-end quality. * More than just a collar, it's a symbol of the profound affection and connection you share with your beloved pet. Choose not merely a collar, but a testament to your dog's grace and your everlasting bond.