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At Little Barks Boutique, every dog collar is a symphony of style and sentiment. Our trendy dog collars are not just accessories; they're statements. Every collar speaks to the evolving world of canine fashion, drawing inspiration from both the classic and the contemporary. The unique dog collar collection stands testament to this. With designs that are both distinctive and delightful, these collars cater to pups that love to stand out in a crowd. For the fashion-forward fur baby, our stylish dog collars merge aesthetics with durability, ensuring that your pet looks chic without compromising on comfort. Dive deep into art with our abstract dog collars, where every pattern tells a story, evoking emotions and painting pictures. Poodle owners will revel in our specially curated poodle dog collar range, meticulously crafted keeping in mind the breed's elegance and energy. At Little Barks Boutique, every collar is more than just a purchase; it's a celebration of your pet's personality and panache. Little Barks Boutique Dog Collar Sizing Chart Small Collar Size: Small Adjustment Range: 8-12” Description: Ideal for petite breeds, this collar offers a unique touch with the possibility of customization. Medium Collar Size: Medium Adjustment Range: 11-16” Description: Perfect for mid-sized pups, this collar captures the essence of canine style and ensures a comfy fit. Large Collar Size: Large Adjustment Range: 14-23” Description: Best suited for bigger breeds, its playful design complements the spirited nature of your pup. Extra-Large Collar Size: Extra-Large Adjustment Range: 16-28” Description: Exclusively tailored for the grandest canines, its vibrant shade underlines their regal demeanor. XX-Large Collar Size: XX-Large Adjustment Range: 26"-30" Description: For the mightiest among all, this collar combines masculine aesthetics with high-end quality. More than just a collar, it's a symbol of the profound affection and connection you share with your beloved pet. Choose not merely a collar, but a testament to your dog's grace and your everlasting bond.