Dog Collar - Trendy collar for dogs with floral print - small dogs collar - soft dog collar - Patterned dog collar
At Little Barks Boutique, we believe that every canine companion deserves to flaunt their personality with elegance and style. Our blue floral dog collar is no ordinary accessory. This trendy dog collar merges the freshness of blooming florals with a serene blue palette, ensuring that your furry friend stands out in every crowd. What sets our design apart from the myriad of options out there is its uniqueness. Not just any unique dog collar, this piece has been intricately crafted with keen attention to detail, ensuring that your pet not only feels comfortable but also radiates charm. As pet lovers, we understand that you desire nothing but the best for your four-legged friend, which is why this stylish dog collar is not just about aesthetics but also about ensuring durability and longevity. Crafted by skilled artisans, the collar embodies the essence of an artisan dog collar, ensuring that your pet gets nothing short of a masterpiece. When you choose Little Barks Boutique, you're not just selecting a collar, but a statement of love, crafted to perfection. Little Barks Boutique Dog Collar Sizing Chart Small Collar Size: Small Adjustment Range: 8-12” Description: Ideal for petite breeds, this collar offers a unique touch with the possibility of customization. Medium Collar Size: Medium Adjustment Range: 11-16” Description: Perfect for mid-sized pups, this collar captures the essence of canine style and ensures a comfy fit. Large Collar Size: Large Adjustment Range: 14-23” Description: Best suited for bigger breeds, its playful design complements the spirited nature of your pup. Extra-Large Collar Size: Extra-Large Adjustment Range: 16-28” Description: Exclusively tailored for the grandest canines, its vibrant shade underlines their regal demeanor. XX-Large Collar Size: XX-Large Adjustment Range: 26"-30" Description: For the mightiest among all, this collar combines masculine aesthetics with high-end quality. More than just a collar, it's a symbol of the profound affection and connection you share with your beloved pet. Choose not merely a collar, but a testament to your dog's grace and your everlasting bond.