Gloria, patinated or plain copper ring
Fused, formed and wrapped copper, each one of these rings is a little bit different, and each one has her own unique personality. Who do you see? You have your choice of three finishes. First is no finish, unsealed, so that the copper will darken and tarnish on its own in its own way, much like a penny. It may also leave a bit of oxidation on your finger. That's just the nature of unsealed copper. If you are interested in copper's pain-relieving effects, I recommend going with no finish. Next is a bright finish, sealed to keep the shine, and to keep it from turning your finger green. Last,and my favorite for this piece, I can patinate the copper. This starts with a bright finish, then the patina is painted on and buffed so no two pieces will ever look alike. I also seal this one so the visible copper will stay shiny, and no oxidation will be left on your finger. Turnaround time for this piece is 10-14 days, so please plan ahead. The way that this piece is formed, it can only be made in sizes 5-11. Each ring is formed and fused by hand, so no two will look exactly alike. Please expect variance. Thank you! ~Lily V